[we need a] Montage

So, about that keeping updated thing… yeah. It’s been a (little more than) a week, and plenty has happened, so let’s go all montage to catch you up.

First, a little taste to whet your [title of show] appetite:

As you can see from this brief moment I get to enjoy the talents of my castmates, the first (little more than) half of this 90 minute, one-act beast is on its feet and sounds & looks pretty good! But, the reality is that we do have fewer than two weeks and the last couple of songs/scenes hit you (and us) fast and hard. As the plot picks up, so too does the variety of song styles and witty dialogue building to a [title of show]-splosion that feels a lot like art imitating life for many of us. You know when you starts something exciting and it snowballs to a level of stress that just becomes overwhelming? Yeah, something like that. But you’ll have to find out how it all plays out when you come see it.

It’s probably a good thing I’m still super excited to come to rehearsal each day (even today when we slogged through the beast that is “Montage Part 3: Development Medley”). This group plays so well off each other and makes wonderful discoveries each time we run through a scene. It truly continues to be a joyWhen it comes to the music, I’ve learned that while I have a tendency to lose my part once we add the choreography, I’m still jazzed enough to put in the work plunking out notes until I’ve got it (mostly) in my head–at least enough to where it locks in when we get back to it at rehearsal.

So that’s where we’re at. Blocking wraps up tomorrow and then we have about two weeks to clean, polish and spit-shine all the sparkly [title of show] goodness.

Oh, and if you haven’t done so yet, get tickets at the Weber Center website. July 20-21, 27-28 or August 3-4 at 7p. See you there!

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